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One of the most formidable challenges facing genealogists is finding all the information for a particular ancestor and a specific geographic area of interest—the challenge of comprehensive searching. So much of the success one enjoys—or the frustration one endures—is directly tied to finding and using the widest range of sources. The many different kinds of magazines and periodicals published by individuals and organizations in the field are often overlooked sources of genealogical clues.

With the many thousands of periodicals currently being published or having been published, the task of finding specific geographic and surname data may at first appear daunting. But there are numerous ways of both finding the right periodical and locating the meaningful articles for research. These ways come in the form of directories and lists as well as a wide variety to indexes providing access to the world of genealogical periodical literature.

  • Search The PERiodical Source Index
  • Michigan History ; Published bimonthly by Bureau of History, Michigan Department of State, this contains state history articles, book reviews, and information pertinent to historical research.
  • The Detroit Society for Genealogical Research Magazine published by the society, with a mailing address at the Burton Historical Collection of the Detroit Public Library, has been published since 1937. It is not limited to Detroit but also publishes family histories and source material for the entire state, as well as states or areas from which Michigan residents came: New York, New England, Pennsylvania, and Canada, particularly Ontario and Quebec.
  • Newspapers & Periodicals - The Newspapers & Periodicals Collection lets you discover a wealth of information about your ancestors from many historical newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals. These types of sources can often supplement public records and provide information that is not recorded anywhere else. Here, you can learn more about your ancestor's possible daily activities by placing them in the context of their time.

Search Michigan Historical Records - Databases include Court, Land, Wills & Financial Records; Birth, Marriage & Death Records; Voter Lists & Census Records; Immigration & Emigration Records; Obituary Records; Military Records; Family Tree Records; Pictures; Stories, Memories & Histories; Directories & Member Lists and much more....

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